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VAF and other equipment available for loan or rent.

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VAF now has two SPOT units available for loan, as well as climbing gear, archery equipment and snowshoes.


VAF has purchased archery equipment for use by Venturer Companies
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World Scout Jamboree 2019 in West Virginia WJ19 Info Ontario Version - March 2017.pdf WSJ2019-Bulletin1 - Nov 2016 SHARE.pdf


Assessing Risk and Crisis Management - submitted by Chuck Fraser, 1st Glen Cairn

From materials used at a Round Table on Assessing Risk and Crisis Manageement held at Rovent for Advisors, October 2013. chaired by Chuck Fraser, with input from Peter Smith and Marc Coutourier. Twelve attendees in total, including 2 leaders from Girl Guides of Canada.

The Templates are derived from the checklist forms for the Safety and Emergency Action Plan, the survivor camp RA was submitted as part of the proposal package for a Venturer survival 3 day camp by Glen Cairn later reported in Scouting Life.The last doc is a sample used by 1st Kanata, can be modified to be used as a template.

Scouting Life archive:
Emergency Plan Template

Risk Management Workshop RoVent Oct 2013

Risk Assessment survivor camp

Safety Checklist Template

Survival Camp Emerg Plan

Wilderness Crisis Management

Risk Management Plan Template

Managing-Risk from Scouting Life



Trips Planner



Woodbadge Basic Program Planning and Delivery (these are old docs, perhaps outdated)

Expanded Basic Core Checklist (prepared by Stewart Ross)

Expanded Basic Company Checklist (prepared by Stewart Ross)

Expanded Basic Crew Checklist (prepared by Stewart Ross)

Expanded Advanced Core Checklist (prepared by Stewart Ross)

Expanded Advanced Company Checklist (prepared by Stewart Ross)

Expanded Advanced Crew Checklist (prepared by Stewart Ross)



Amory Adventure Award Competition

21st Nepean's Amory Adventure Log

Draft VenClimb Manual

This excellent guide for the rock climbing camp, VenClimb, was assembled by 1st Manotick's Rod Wilson, with input from Al Dimond, Sean Freill and Christiaan Burchell.

VenClimb Leader Magazine Article