The Crazy Canuck Adventure Challenge


What is it?


An all-day adventure challenge consisting of Canoeing, Hiking, Mountain Biking & Geocaching, not necessarily in that order.There will also be a Height Challenge at the finish line The Adventure Challenge will take place in and around Gatineau ParkTeams will consist of from 3 to 6 members of a Venturer company or Rover crew, including their advisors.If you have 5 or 6 participants, you can register as 2 teams or as 1 large team.When you register, you will be told where and when to report for the first section, but you wonít find out what it is until you get there.Upon completion of each section, you will be told what do to in the next section.


It is not a race, but rather a participation event.Organizers have tried to make it challenging but, at the same time, achievable by an average Venturer with some outdoors aptitude.It will be possible to skip certain of the sections, if you feel that they are too difficult for your team.


The event will be timed and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.


When is it?


Saturday, October 3, 2015


How long is it?


It should take about 5 hours to complete the entire event.Starting times will be from 10:00 a.m. onwards.


What if it rains?


Itís still a go, rain or shine.Organizers reserve the right to cancel particular parts if event-day conditions make them hazardous.


How much does it cost?


$18 per person for challenge participants, $12.00 per support person.The fee includes the dinner and chance at prizes.


Can I drive up in the morning?


Yes.The earliest start will be at 10:00 am.


What do you get?


        A topographic map of the area of the route.At the start of each section, organizers will indicate on your map where you have to go.

        Water fill-ups

        First aid station

        Manned checkpoints

        Sweep of the trails

        A post-event outdoor supper





Your team will be made up of from 3 to 6 Venturers, Rovers, or advisors.You will need a support vehicle (or two) to transport you to the START and also bring your mountain bikes and canoe(s) and any other things you may need.Drivers could be advisors or parent volunteers.††† Drivers will be needed to drive around some during the day to transport equipment here and there.




Bring your own.


What supplies do participants need?




        bring your own lunch

        bring your own water bottle

        bring team snacks


Safety - for all sections


        team cell phone for emergencies

        team first aid kit

        team sunscreen

        team compass

        team GPS. A GPS IS REQUIRED for this event;†† It will only useful if you know how to use it! Instruction will be given at the START.Waypoints for all important locations will be included in your instructions.(Notify organizers if your team does not have a GPS - they will work something out).


Canoeing Portion


        1 canoe for every 2 or 3 persons.3 to a canoe is the recommended option

        PFDs with whistle attached for each participant

        paddles for each participant plus extra paddles

        bailer and heaving line per canoe


Hiking Portion


        good sturdy shoes


Mountain Biking Portion


        mountain bike, preferably with front suspension

        bike helmet

        spare tube, patching kit, pump, and tools for installation

        first aid kit


Height Challenge Portion


        everything will be provided


Change of Clothes


You will probably be wet and dirty after the event and a change to dry things will be welcome.


Support Personnel


You will be required to drive from place to place with equipment, once you make the original drop-off.

The supper is included in your fee (actually, it's the whole fee!)




Food and dishes provided. We are outside and have limited facilities, so bring a tarp if it look like rain.