A Medieval Tourney

October 17- 19, 2008

Camp Opemikon


1.        The Royal Family and their friends command all Rovers and Venturers to renew their promise and pay homage to the King and Queen of Rovent.  This camp features a medieval feast, a medieval fair, a dance, a superb quest and a medieval siege warfare game.  A service project for Camp Opemikon will also be completed by each group.  (Other program elements may be added and will be detailed in information packages sent to registered groups.)


2.       In addition to medieval costumes and a group banner, all groups must bring their own materials for participation in the war game. This event involves building a machine capable of launching a grapefruit sized projectile containing flour using a lever arm. The catapult must be easily transported and made of wood and rope. Groups may build more than one.


3.     Registration! See form attached!


4.       Note: This event is limited to 400 participants. Only the first 275 to register may attend the feast!  Please register early. The registration deadline is Oct. 9, no refunds after this date.


5.       Site registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday Oct. 17 at the Teepee. The camp is open to registered Scouts Canada members and registered Guides Canada members who come with their Venturer Company or Rover Crew.  Senior Scouts or Guides must link with a Company or Crew to be registered.  Should a Venturer Company/Rover Crew not be available, contact for assistance.


6.       All groups must be self contained and prepared for the weather.  The camping areas will be the Scout Field, Brownsea Field, and the Attic.


7.       Two registered adult leaders must accompany all Venturer Companies. If this is a problem or you are a single Venturer from your company contact the Rovent Committee at for assistance.


8.       A copy of each participant’s registration/medical forms is required for registration. Please make copies and place them in a sealed envelope with your Group number clearly visible on the outside. This will only be opened in the case of an emergency. The contents will be returned to you on check-out.


9.       Questions? Need more information? Never been to OPE? Please contact us at or by phone at 613-828-8861 Doug MacKinnon.

A Medieval Weekend

Can you come out to play?

Camp Rules

1.       All the standard Scouts Canada rules apply. Each group is responsible for their Outdoor Activity forms.  A shell emergency plan is available at

2.      Rain or shine the weekend agenda continues. Please be prepared for the weather.

3.      The tent platform structures will not be available for dining shelters. All groups must bring their own dining shelters. These structures have under gone some changes and neither picnic tables nor any food will be permitted inside the structures.

4.      Please prepare your participants for the possibility of inclement weather. Accommodation for emergency purposes will be limited. Those requiring assistance should report to Clements Lodge. First Aid available in the Sheriff’s House.

5.      Camp curfew is 11:00 p.m. – you are required to stay within our camping areas and respect your neighbours

6.      Please come prepared to sing, play, and act for your supper. (Don’t know any skits?  Ask a neighbour!)

7.      Each group is asked to bring cookies etc to the mug-up on Friday night. Major points can be earned for groups that prepare and cook these snacks on site. Your “burnt offerings” must be presented the Royal Family at the Tee-Pee around 9:30pm

8.    All groups are requested to have a member sign for their campsite upon registration and again upon departure.

9.      Participants should be in costume for the Opening, the Banquet and Closing.

10.    This camp is an award camp, with points given out for enthusiastic participation, solving the Quest, costumes, medieval fair and the war game participation. All groups are expected to present a skit or song during the feast. By doing this, you can earn major points!

11.     Weapons brought for display are not to be used in any way or brought to the war game. They should be brought to the Feast with your banner and to the opening and closing ceremonies. The Royal Sheriffs reserve the right to confiscate any weapons for the weekend deemed unsafe or used in an unsafe manner.


Shields and Flour Bombs and Catapult Targets

q       All bomb materials (flour, bags, marking tape) will be provided on-site.  It is up to the groups to provide scoops for the flour, and a container of some sort to hold your completed bombs.

q       Groups are to come up to the Orchard during lunch or during catapult testing to build their bombs.  All bombs will be kept in a supervised area.

q       All equipment brought to the war game will be inspected and passed by the Royal Inspectors. Their word is final. (They have the power behind the Throne), make no mistakes!

q       Additional siege rules attached below.

Advisors please make your members aware of the following:

Groups in violation of the siege rules will be immediately expelled from the camp and restricted from participation for a period of at least two years.
Friday Evening


1.        The following events are offered.


q       Get to know your fellow campers.

q       Informal campfire, run your own night games in the Orchard.

q       A chain mail workshop and display will be set-up at one of the shelters.

q       Mug Up at the Tee Pee at 9:30 (Hot drinks provided by the Royal Family)




9:00am             Opening Ceremonies – Brownsea Scout Field

Introduction to the Royal Family and the Award program.

Generals for the war game need to volunteer for the afternoon game. Teams will be announced.

9:30 – 12:00     Medieval Fair – Orchard - games to test your team spirit.

12:00 – 1:15      Lunch

1:15 – 3:00        Prepare your catapult and bombs  (please be careful if you’re testing in the camping area.)

3:15 – 5:00       Medieval War Game - Orchard

Judgment of the catapult design, capabilities and its crew’s teamwork.

5:00 – 7:00       Prepare for the Feast Skits and Songs required etc.

Pumpkin Carving Note: pumpkins to be down at the dinning hall for the judging before the Feast starts (BYOP Bring Your Own Pumpkin)

7:00 – 9:00       Medieval Feast – Dining Hall.

                                    Sing for your Supper? Enjoy the presentation of Skits and Songs

9:30 -11:00       Dance in the teepee!

11:00                Curfew





09:00 – 9:30     Closing, Thought of the day, & Award Ceremonies

            09:30 – 10:00   Our Own – Brownsea Field

            10:00 – 11:30    Service Projects

11:30            Clean up with Company/Crews – Departure from Rovent

All campsites must be inspected prior to departure.  You will receive your documents and crests upon site approval from the sheriffs.








 Medieval Tourney Registration Form


                         October 17- 19, 2008 / Camp Opemikon

Date  _____________                               

Group Name:     _________________________________


Group Contact Name:         _________________________________


Phone: (___)_____________Email:  __________________________


Scouts  ___ Venturers  ____ Rovers  ____ Leaders ____ Adults ______


The Feast will be supplied based on the above numbers.  Only the first 275 people to register may attend the feast!  Please be as accurate as possible. No changes after registration deadline.

 Note: This event is limited to 400 participants. Please register early. The registration deadline is Oct. 9, no full refunds after this date.

Please supply a detailed list of participants and leaders from your Group upon arrival at the camp. See attached participant registration sheet.

Costs: A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required per group by registration deadline, the balance is payable upon registration at the camp.

Cheques Only: Payable to “Scouts Canada Nepean Area

Registration fees are $27 per participant (including Leaders) for early registration (Before September 24th) and $30 a head for late registration.

Those groups who register after the first 275 spots are already filled will pay the reduced rate of $15 per person as they will be unable to attend the feast.  No refunds after October 9th.

This fee includes, camp fees, all activities, flour bomb materials, Saturday night feast and the Rovent crest.


Please check off if required and we will contact you

q       Medical concerns

q       Diet concerns (if the staff is aware they can help you out)

q       Special Needs camping arrangements


Mail Address or Drop Off

William McQuaid

112 Nepean Scout Group

4H Oakley Ave

Nepean, Ontario

K2B 6M6

Registration Committee Only


Date Rec’d  ________________                       Registration # _____________


Finical Record ______________                        Contact Date/Time _________


Confirmation # _____________                        Arrival __________________












Participant registration list.    

Please list below all members of your party:


Group name and number  _________________


Advisors:     __________________________






Participants:          __________________________
























Please present this list upon registration.

Site # _______                                Registration Rec’d_____ 

Medical Forms Rec’d_____           Signed Out _______






Rules for the Siege

The activity is divided into two parts: The competition for distance and accuracy, and the siege proper.