A Medieval Tourney



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A Medieval Tourney

October 25- 27, 2002

Camp Opemikon


  1. The Flying Monkeys Venturer Company, 112th Nepean commands all Rovers and Venturers to renew their promise and pay homage to the King and Queen of Rovent. This camp features a medieval feast and dance on Saturday night, a medieval fair, a superb quest and a medieval siege warfare game.
  2. In addition to medieval costumes and a group banner, all groups must bring materials for the siege. This event involves building a machine capable of launching a grapefruit sized projectile containing flour using a lever arm. The catapult should be easily transported and made of wood and rope. Groups may build more than one. (Metal catapult parts and pulleys are allowed in the interest of having a good working unit)
  3. Registration is $ 23.00. This fee includes, camp fees, all activities, Saturday night feast and the Rovent crest. Please make cheques payable to the 112th Nepean Scouts.
  4. Note: This event is limited to 230 participants and is fully booked every year, with groups being turned away. Please register early. The registration deadline is Oct. 19, no refunds after this date.
  5. Site registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday Oct. 25 at the Clements Lodge. The camp is open to all senior Scouts 14+ years, Venturer’s and Rover’s. All groups must be self contained and prepared for the weather. (Tents only please, trailers and vehicles must be left in the parking lot)
  6. A registered adult leader must accompany all Venturer Companies.
  7. A copy of your permission forms and medical forms are required for registration and must be kept on site at your campsite. All participants must have their Health Cards.
  8. Please bring musical instruments.
  9. Questions? Need more information? Never been to OPE? Please contact his Majesty Michael Kent 596-3050 or Doug Wheat 447-3588, michael_a_kent@hotmail.com or dwheat@storm.ca


A Medieval Tourney Registration Form

October 25- 27, 2002 / Camp Opemikon


Date _____________

Group Name and Region: _________________________________

Group Contact Name: ___ ______________________________

Phone: _(___)_____________Email: __________________________

Senior Scouts ___ Venturers ____ Rovers ____ Leaders ____


Total Participants ________ X $23.00 = __________

"Cheques Only" Payable to 112th Nepean Scouts

Number of Catapults _________ Hockey Helmets __________

Please check off if required and we will contact you

Mail Address or Drop Off

Eric Smith
112 Nepean Scout Group
46 Aero Dr.
Nepean, Ontario
K2H 5E4

Registration Committee Only

Date Rec'd ________________ Registration # _____________

Finical Record ______________ Contact Date/Time _________

Confirmation # _____________ Arrival __________________


A Medieval Siege

Rules of Engagement

Siege Warfare


  1. The object of the game is to take the Queens Keep by hitting the 3 Keep banners by catapult fire or the King or Queen surrenders the field after the loss of all target banners or running out of flour bombs.
  2. The King and the Queens teams will be given 3 target banners that will be placed on the field.
  3. The Kings and Queens’s teams can only use catapults as weapons; they cannot throw flour bombs by hand.
  4. The keep boundaries will be defined on the ground; any catapults, defenders or attacking team members, cannot cross this wall.
  5. The teams may use shields to defend themselves; they cannot shield the field targets.
  6. The first team to run out of ammunition surrenders the field.
  7. The Royal Fool will signal the start of the siege battle and the siege will run for 30 minutes.


  1. Having a working catapult that can be easily transported is very important.
  2. Pay attention to the construction of the sling or the end of the lever arm that holds the flour bomb. These seem to fail the earliest in the battle.
  3. A Siege warfare meeting will be held after the catapult trials, as the teams will need to be selected and the field commanders selected. This will be 1/3 defender and 2/3 attackers split or Rovers against Venturers.
  4. The targets in this game remain the Queens banners and the Kings banners
  5. Attackers and Defenders are not to throw flour bombs at one another.
  6. The Royal Fool and his team are the field referees please follow their directions.

Sword Duels

  1. Blunt wood swords and helmets will be provided and must be worn, no other protection or armour allowed.
  2. Duels take place in a defined arena. The duel ends after the second touch, or being forced out of the arena twice or the contestant concedes the match.
  3. The award system for the duels works on a point system, each contestant must match the originators award points bet. You must present 20 points minimum to enter the ring, if you lose your opponent wins your team points. Each player may raise the number of points they are willing to bet, to play. Each ROVENT registered group can only have one pair of champions, (The knight and his Lady, who actually fights is up to you)
  4. The Royal Referees word is final, arguments can result in the forfeiture of your points, all knights are expected to act with honour.


A Medieval Weekend, Can you come out to play?

Camp Rules

  1. All the standard OPE camping and site rules apply
  2. Rain or shine the weekend agenda continues. Please be prepared for the weather.
  3. The camping area contains the Scout Camp tent structures, which with a large Tarp make excellent shelters. Please be prepared to share these structures with late arriving groups if required.
  4. Note: every year we have serfs who are not prepared for the Oct. temperatures and get too cold. We have limited space in Clements cabin to take care of emergencies.
  5. Camp curfew is 12:00 p.m. – you are required to stay within our camping areas and respect your neighbours.
  6. Please come prepared to play our game.
  7. All groups require a group banner, and should be in costume.
  8. Be friendly with other young campers at OPE, Beavers and Wolf-cubs etc.
  9. This camp is an award camp, with points given out for enthusiastic participation, solving the Quest, costumes, medieval fair and siege participation. Those groups who would like to present a skit or song during the feast can also gain major points.
  10. The Royal family, are empowered to give out bonus points. Approach the Royal Fool at your own risk.
  11. Weapons brought for display are not to be used in any way or brought to the siege. They should be brought to the Feast with your banner and to the closing ceremonies.
  12. Blunt wooden swords and hockey helmets will be provided for the formal duels on Friday and Saturday during the catapult testing. (If you own a hockey helmet with a face shield please bring it)



Shields and Flour Bombs and Catapult Targets

Friday Evening

  1. The following events are offered.


09:30 Opening Ceremonies – Brownsea Scout Field

Introduction to the Royal Family and the Award program

10:30 – 12:00 Medieval Faire –Orchard -games to test your team

12:00 – 02:00 Lunch, prepare your catapult, read and understand the siege rules

2:00 – 4:00 + Medieval Siege - Orchard

-Judgement of the catapult design, capabilities and its crew’s teamwork.

-Final team selection for the siege warfare game.

-Formal sword duels, during the catapult testing.

4:00 – 7:00 Prepare for the Feast. Skits and Songs required etc.

Pumpkin Carving Note 06:30 p.m. pumpkins to be down at the dinning hall for the judging

OPE Service Project

The Quest continues

7:00 + The Medieval Feast – OPE Dinning Room.

The Quest continues

Presentation of Skits and Songs

9:30 + Dance at the Tee Pee


09:00 Award Ceremonies

09:30 Scouts Own, main field

10:30 V.R.R.R.T. Voyageur Regional Rover Round Table