Voyageur Council Venturer Advisors’ Forum

Meeting Minutes for June 7, 2011

Scout Headquarters - National Boardroom






Al McPhee

1st Greely

Ken Shore

Rideau Area

Alex Gazaleh

OPE Co/Crew-Greenwd

Marc Couturier

123rd Ottawa

Allan Yates

1st Merrickville

Mary Hagerman

1st Osgoode

Andrew Robison

1st Dunrobin

Mike Jowett

CC Voyageur

Bill Bowman

1st Nepean

Neal Rice

Nepean Area

Bob Sylvester

112th Nepean

Nick Wise

Rideau Rov/DCC Train

Brenda Cumming

1st Osgoode

Nigel Ward

1st Kanata

Brett Budge

25th Nepean

Perry Schippers

HARovers/2nd Gat

Cal Clupp

2nd Gatineau

Peter Wittwer

23rd Nepean

Chuck Fraser

1st Glen Cairn

Raymond Desjardins

DCYC Training

Cyndy Courtland

Carleton Place

Richard Burelle

11th Ottawa

Dave Skinner

1st Glen Cairn

Sandra Redshaw

3rd Kanata

Doug MacKinnon

112th Nepean

Sharon Lefebvre

7th Kanata

Doug Proud

1st Greenwood

Stephen Smye

1st Wakefield

Eugene Lavigne

Service Corps

Steve Doody

25th Nepean

Gen stalker

Carleton Place

Stewart Ross

DCC Recog'n

Jan Stodola

7th Kanata

Thomas Miller

2nd Orleans

John Dougherty

DCC Program

Wally Gale

14th Glcster/VAF Chr



Phil Mondor Scholarship Presentations –Stewart Ross

Mike Jowett made presentations of  $500 scholarships to this year’s successful candidates -  Jeffery Caldor and Sasha Goodie.  Joint Council and VAF participants were in attendance. These scholarships are awarded annually to youth in Voyageur Council entering or continuing post secondary education.



Opening Comments – Wally Gale

This last meeting of the season has an ambitious agenda starting with a special presentation about a Venturer bike tour of Prince Edward County and ending with a resume of events for the upcoming season.



1st Merrickville Venturers’ Bike Tour of Prince Edward County  – Allan Yates

Allan presented photos and information about  their Venturer Company’s bike tour of Prince Edward County.  This weekend activity was planned by Venturers and carried out as a youth-only activity (after drop-off until pickup) and could easily be replicated by other groups.  Note that Provincial Parks in Ontario (eg. Sandbanks) do not let youth under 16 camp without an adult present so campgrounds used were private. 

The presentation will be posted at



Past Activities


Apple Hill Work Weekend (May 7-8) – John Dougherty

Cleared most of one trail and a couple of kybos were constructed.  Camp is ready for the summer.


RSVP (May 6-8) – Neal Rice

Youth enjoyed it, the mosquitoes certainly enjoyed it.  They are looking at re-vamping the orienteering activity for next year as there was some confusion. 159 youth attendees – more than expected but within capabilities to handle.


Laser-Quest Lockdown (May 13-14) – 23rd Nepean

Had to cancel, there was not enough interest to support the event.


WW1 and WW3 Petawawa (May 27-29) – Bill Bowman

All went well with very high spring run-off like conditions.  WW1 58 participants, including a special program for Lucas from 7th Kanata – accommodation by Bear Creek  much appreciated. WW3 27 participants with all achieving certification now under Paddle Canada (not ORCA).  Black Bear camp lived up to its name with an unexpected visitor.  Big Eddie was washed out so there was no shooting the rapids there – just swimming for WW3.  WW3 wrapped a canoe – though it was salvageable – they used it the rest of the day. WW1 also wrapped one but it involved lesswork to repair. Thanks to Joel Martin (WW1 coordinator) & Ray Renton (WW3 coordinator).


WW2, Kayak1&2, mini WW1 Palmer Rapids (June 3-5) – Bill Bowman

Spring-like run-off conditions this weekend also on the Madawaska River.  WW2 46 participants including a blind participant, Dean from 1st Rockland - Paddler Co-op accommodation much appreciated. Mini WW1 21 participants including multi-handicapped Jordan - once again, thanks to Paddler Co-op for looking after his needs.  Kayak1 23 participants, Kayak2 4 participants.  Thanks to many helping hands: coordinators - John Dougherty, Cyndy Courtland, Joel Matin, Allan Yates & Marek Wakulczyk and 5 others helping with the WW2 shuttle &/or canoe transport.


A SPECIAL THANKS TO BILL BOWMAN FOR BOTH WEEKENDS! – His contributions are much appreciated for these whitewater weekends as well as for the many other activities throughout the year, adding immense value to the Scouting Program.




Upcoming activities


Rideau Canoe Rally (Sept 3) - John Dougherty

It’s still the Rideau Canal, dead fish and all. Long weekend is the best choice of dates to kick-off the season before other events start – will only involve 2-3 hours Saturday.  Have talked to Parks Canada, they are okay with us on the Rideau Canal.  Looking into the City of Ottawa to use Festival Plaza.  More details to follow – will be posted to VAF website.


Couch Rally (Sept 10) Somewhere in downtown Ottawa – Raymond Desjardins

Cost is approximately $15 per participant (includes crest/activities/BBQ).  Flyer available.  Website is being developed as we speak.  HTTP://




Service Corps – Eugene Lavigne

Teddy Bear Picnic (June 25 – Rideau Hall) 9am-4pm, BBQ & kids’ activities.  Volunteers welcome mainly for Scouting PR.   MedVent, Police Venturers and Lost Children Service will all be present.  Warning, parking is at a premium, might be better to bus.  Good PR opportunity for Scouts.


Joint Council


Elections tonight:  NEW Scouting PR Brittany Garrick

                              NEW Guiding PR Stephanie Black

May Camp (May 20-23)

77 participants including a group from Toronto (1st York) made it a great time.


June event – Semi Formal – Mount Calvary Lutheran Church June 18 (933 Smyth Rd)

7:00pm to 10:00pm.  Youth volunteers requested for setup/cleanup.

Cost $5 in advance or at the door. 

Email if interested in coming.  Allowed 1 guest who must be identified as such


Meeting stats: 79 in attendance – 52 in uniform (72%)



Other Business/Announcements


Swift Water Rescue – Allan Yates

Looking into a swift water safety course.  This course, whether it involves training alone or a certification would provide some basic skills if considering taking youth on a whitewater trip without a whitewater guide.  Helps with prevention of problems and dealing with difficult situations on the river.  Interest (by show of hands) of about 30-40 people.  Timing would be sometime between May and Sept 2012.  Cost likely about $150 for certification, less without.


WW4 Tripping Course possibility, 2012 – Michael Wall / 1st Nepean Rover Crew

Gen indicated that pre-requisite is WW2, objective is to obtain skills to take a group on a  whitewater trip with gear and safety.  Aiming for Spring 2012, possibly a run down the Madawaska River over a weekend (3 day, 2 nights with 2 days on the river).  Open to Advisors, Venturers and Rovers.  Looking for additional volunteer instructors – should have enough in-house expertise for this.  Numbers will be based upon how many instructors come forward (4 canoes to each volunteer) for a group of 6-8.  Contact Michael if interested.


RoVent 2011 – Doug MacKinnon

The last meeting before the summer break will be held June 14th in the Buffam room – all welcome.  The theme this year will be “Braveheart” but there will be no mooning of the English.  The Council office will take care of registration this year - requests one group cheque as opposed to 20 personal cheques. MasterCard payment also possible with no cost increase for a service fee. There will be an offer of service category (catered).


National Venturer Event, Haliburton Highlands (June 30 – July 7, 2012) – John Dougherty

Now looking for expressions of interest – info available via Council website under Program/Events.  Registration not yet open.  Cost approx. $595.  Those interested are advised to be ready to jump when registration opens (September at latest) – event limited to 1000 max, Venturers only (not a linking event). 

Offers of Service Rover level and up will camp 6 km away (catered)


VAF Budget – Wally Gale

There is still budget available for climbing ropes.  Had allocated money for 3 ropes and additional money could be available if needed. Ropes must be available for VenClimb.

VAF has 6 good quality bows and arrows available for groups to borrow – just used for RSVP.  Stephen Smye will check with John Stalker to offer help with VAF purchase of backstop net(s).


World Rover Moot – 2013 (Aug 8-18) Low Quebec – Daniel (Les Scoutes)

Land of Paths, Land of Commitment, Land of Success!  Everyone wants to come to Canada.  Camp Director Daniel provided info on plans for this event – accompanied by Laurent & Michel.  Joint undertaking of Scouts Canada and Les Scouts du Canada.

A lot of good things are planned: 4x24 Canoe du Nord, Trips to Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto/Quebec/Gatineau.

Looking for ideas of sites to visit while in Ottawa.

International service teams (age > 25) will be needed.  Those age 18-25 will be Moot participants.  International patrols will be formed based on who signs up.

 Approx. $750 per participant for 11 days, everything included.

Info will be posted as available on Facebook & website



Wilderness Tours – Discounts for Scouting members

25% off May, June and September programs

15% off July and August programs.

Accepts Scouts Canada reciprocal indemnity form.


Calendar of Events for 2011/12 Season – Wally Gale

Wally distributed a preliminary list of activities/dates for next season and asked for corrections from activity coordinators.  Discussion focused on the 1st month.  There was general agreement with dates/events.  An updated page will be distributed with the minutes and posted online.


Announcement regarding VAF Chair – Wally Gale

Cal Clupp has agreed to take over as Chair of the VAF.  Wally will sort out a transition to take effect this summer.


Next Meeting: Tuesday Sept 6, 2011 at 7:30 pm


The Chair for the Venturer Advisor Forum is Wally Gale at  Please contact Wally for any notices to distribute or information of potential interest to the Voyageur VAF community. If you find any omissions or errors, please contact ……  Scouter Jocelyn Remus-Robinson at or 613-592-4738

… and visit the VAF website for a goldmine of information, including present, past and future events