Computer Workshops and Public Internet Terminals

(February 2004)

The Ottawa Public Library and the Millennium Learning Centres offer introductory computer and internet workshops, free of charge. They also have internet terminals for the public to use.

Ottawa Public Library:

Home page
Library Branch Locations
Information on workshops. Generally the bigger branches such as the Main Library and the Nepean Centrepointe libraries run the workshops.

Millennium Learning Centres:

Home page
Information on Workshops
Useful links on using the internet, creating web pages, using Microsoft Word, etc.

Computers and Internet Workshops for Seniors:

There is a fee for these workshops, please call the organization for details.

The Student Connections at Algonquin College

Home Page
Information on Workshops   They also offer mini workshops on buying a computer, buying and using a digital camera, scanning and image editing etc. Private computer/internet lessons at your home can also be arranged. Please call Nancy Boughner (613) 727-7677 for details on the workshops.

Gloucester Senior Adults' Centre, Gloucester

Home Page, location and phone number
Information on Courses

If you know of other community organizations that offer computer/internet workshops, please let me know -- I will link to them.