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Description of the canoe.

Type of construction: Wide-board-and-batten decked sailing canoe.

Name of boat: Dora

Manufacturer: O. L. Hicks, circa 1915-1923

Dimensions Inches Feet
Bow to stern across the top 178 14.83
Bow to stern at the longest spot 185 15.42
Beam at mast position 24 2.00
Beam amidships 31 2.58
Forward mast position from bow 42 3.50
Stern mast position from stern 42 3.50
Bow covered area extent 44 3.67
Stern covered area extent 51 4.25
Forward mast height 80 6.67
Boom length 96 8.00


  • Decking and planks are basswood.
  • Decking is attached with brass flat head screws.
  • Planking runs parallel to the keel line, full length, not tapered. Not sure of the material used – possibly red or Spanish cedar.
  • Each section from keel to gunwale is made of four planks: the garboard (keel plank) is 7 inches wide, the next plank is 5 1/4 inches wide, the side plank is 4 3/4 inches wide and the gunnel plank is 5 inches wide.
  • Battens are made of brass and run the full length of the canoe and are under the ribs (when seen from the inside of the canoe).
  • There 60 ribs which are half-round, 3 inches on centre.
  • Planks are attached to the ribs with brass nails.
  • Bow and stern have 1/4 inch brass keel protectors which run continuously from a point 16 inches in on the top deck to a point 32 inches along the keel. They are attached with brass flat head screws.
  • There are no seats or thwarts. Stability is provided by forward and aft arched deck braces.
  • Two boards sit on top of the ribs, on either side of the inboard keel to provide a kneeling or sitting surface when paddling or sailing.

Identification markings:

  • 115 is stamped on the keelson fore and aft, 14 ribs from the centre.
  • A stamp is burned into the port, inboard side of the canoe just below the gunwale at the centre of the boat. It is believed to be that of the rental company Hicks & Son for which the canoe was built or was purchased.
  • A builder's stamp is burned into the starboard, inboard side of the canoe just below the gunwale at the centre of the boat.

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