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This site is a place for sharing some of my interests, hobbies, and projects. You may have arrived here seeking one of them:

  • Historical research on a heritage canoe recounts the story of my efforts to trace the history of Dora, a canoe which belongs to my wife's family. At the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association's 2021 Annual Assembly the canoe was featured in one of the presentations. The bow view of the canoe named Dora.
  • The Gardening section offers detailed information (photos, plant descriptions and experiences) gained from over 49 years of gardening at my home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Because I share my plants with others through cuttings, seeds and transplants, this section provides an easy way to convey descriptive and growing information for this area to those who receive plants from me.Canada violet image.
  • The Photography area will eventually feature a gallery of my best photographs taken over the past six decades.Otty Lake, ON.
  • The Writing area now contains two Remembrance Day stories which were written in the early 1990s and published in 2018. It will eventually incorporate many of the articles I have written for newspapers, magazines and personal interest.
  • Index of citizens associations in Ottawa, Ontario is very popular and updated based on input received from the organizations themselves and other sources.

To pursue any of these topics, you may follow one of the links above or click on the Interests button in the navigation pane on the left.

As this personal site continues to evolve, I encourage you to visit periodically to check on progress and new developments. Civil comments and feedback are most welcome.

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